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Online Banking Enrollment

Enrolling in Online Banking is easy - here's how:

  • In the Username box, enter your Vantage West account number.
  • In the Password box, enter your Home Banking Password and select the login button.

If you do not have a Home Banking Password or need assistance, please call 1-520-298-7882 or 1-800-888-7882.


• We've upgraded the security of Online Banking AND our website is getting a makeover! •


We care about keeping your money safe while providing you with easy access to your accounts.  With the growth of online banking, there are increased needs for greater security standards to keep you & your money protected.  In addition, the government issued new guidelines, calling for enhanced online banking security. 

  • You may be prompted to create a new Username & password. 
    Get a head start -- you don't have to wait until July 23rd. Sign in to Online Banking today!  Be sure to verify your phone number & email address are on file, and upgrade your Username & password!
  • Then, you will be asked to provide a phone number or email where you can receive a one time passcode that you will use to authenticate your trusted computer/device. This simple process protects your account from unauthorized access.   Read More... No need to wait.  Here's how to upgrade.

>> Learn about other valuable upgrades in Online Banking.

Get ready for a Vantage West makeover!  Our site will undergo major changes to present you with a whole new look and feel.  Our goal is to offer improved functionality and make it quicker and easier for you to find exactly what you need.  More...

  Action Recommended NOW

First, create a strong login. 

The enhanced security may require that you update your Username and/or password -- but only if your current login does not meet the new standards.  Also, it is important that you assure your current phone number and email address are listed (& current) in "User Options." 
  Action Needed LATER

Then, get an access code.

At the time of the upgrade, you will be prompted to receive a one time passcode. This is a code to register your device and is different from the password you use to access your account.

•  Username --  In Online Banking, go to "User Options" and click “Change Username.”  Create an ID that is at least six characters and has either all letters or letters & numbers.

•  Password  -- Go to "User Options" and click “Change Password.”  Your new password must be at least six characters, and it must include letters as well as numbers and/or symbols.


We'll send you a passcode to your provided email address / phone number (via email, text, or automated voice message).

Please note:  Make sure you have your device with you!  (ex:  If you provide a cell phone number & choose that you want the passcode texted to you, you'll need that cell phone nearby to receive the texted passcode and complete the login process.)


>> No need to wait!
Log in today & complete the steps!  Here's how.

>> Learn more about the security upgrade.  
See our FAQs.


Please note:  You can ask the system to remember your computer/device so you do not need to repeat this step every time you log in.  However, you will need a new passcode for each computer/device not recognized by the system.  You may also need to adjust your cookie settings.

Watch for the Vantage West website makeover!  Expect a “live chat” feature, quarterly updates from our CEO, and easy access to helpful financial tools & educational resources.  Plus, we’re certain you’ll love the all-new “Member Center!”  Our goal is to offer improved functionality and make it quicker and easier for you to find exactly what you need at the click of a mouse.


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