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Answers to Your Questions about Overdraft Privilege

 Q1.  What is Overdraft Privilege?

Overdraft Privilege is a non-contractual service provided to eligible members. It provides a last layer of protection from having checks and ACH items returned by Vantage West. At the discretion of the credit union, an eligible member will have a specific dollar limit which will determine the total amount of overdraft items that may be covered.  The fee for accessing this feature will also be charged against the limit.  The limit depends on which type of checking account you have.

While most members do not overdraw their accounts, many like to keep Overdraft Privilege as a last layer of protection for their checking account. If you don’t use it, there is no fee.  Be sure to also ask us about protecting your account through Overdraft Protection ie. linking your checking account to a savings account or a credit card) and email/text message “Notifications” to alert you when your checking balance reaches a certain level.  Overdraft Privilege is the last layer of protection for your checking account. 

Q2.  How does Overdraft Privilege work?

If your checking account, covered by Overdraft Privilege, is overdrawn for any reason, Vantage West may elect to cover the overdrafts.  The total amount of overdrafts that can be covered depends upon the limit for your account.  The Overdraft Privilege fee is also charged against this limit. You are eligible for Overdraft Privilege as long as your account remains in good standing, as described in the Overdraft Privilege Disclosure.   One requirement is that your checking account balance must be brought to a zero balance or positive within 30 calendar days and, it must remain positive for 24 hours.


Q3.  What changed with Overdraft Privilege?

Effective August 15, 2010, Overdraft Privilege became no longer available for ATM and everyday VISA® Debit Card transactions that overdraw your checking account…unless you opted-in to the program.  What this means is if you don’t have money or credit availability (VISA credit card, Line of Credit, Home Equity Line of Credit) to cover you, your every day debit card purchases or ATM withdrawals will be denied.  This may also include recurring payments if they were set up using your debit card.


Q4.  Why Only ATM and Debit Cards?

ATM and debit cards are very convenient for purchases and withdrawals.  Unfortunately, this convenience can also cause an oversight that could make you more likely to overdraw a checking account and incur fees associated with overdraft protection services.  So federal lawmakers created new rules governing overdraft protection programs that went into effect on July 1, 2010.  You now have the option as to whether you want to continue to have overdraft service to cover your ATM and everyday debit card transactions.            


Q5.  What did not change with Overdraft Privilege?

Checks and a few select other ACH transactions made using your checking account number are still covered by the standard overdraft practices that come with your account.  If you have automatic bill payments that are debited to your checking account every month, we highly recommend that you opt in to ensure these items will be paid in the event that they should be charged to your account at a time when there are no available funds.


Q6.  Why Opt In?

The majority of our members do not overdraw their accounts; however unexpected life events happen, and consequently, overdrafts do occur.  Without Overdraft Privilege your ATM and everyday debit card transactions may be declined if you attempt to make a transaction without sufficient funds.  Having Overdraft Privilege could save you from embarrassment or help you out in an emergency situation.


Q7.  What if I want to Opt-Out all together?

We can do that for you, but please understand that if any transactions come through for authorization when you don’t have sufficient funds, the transaction will be denied.  Additionally, if you want to withdrawal funds from the ATM and you don’t have sufficient funds in your checking account, the transaction will be denied. 


Q8.  Can’t these transactions be covered by Overdraft Protection from my savings accounts, line of credit or credit cards?

Yes.  And we would be happy to provide you with information about other overdraft prevention and protection options for your account, and even show you ways to set up alerts through your email or cell phone  to warn you when your balance has dropped below a certain dollar amount.  We also want to make sure your account is fully protected with Overdraft Privilege as a third layer of protection, should the other sources need a backup plan.  And remember, with Overdraft Privilege, there is no fee unless you use it.


Q9.  If I did not to opt-In,  did my Overdraft Privilege stop for ATM and Debit Card transactions? If so, when?

If we did not receive a response from you, we stopped paying your ATM and everyday debit card transactions beginning August 15, 2010.  You can reactivate Overdraft Privilege by contacting us.    


Q.10   Can I “opt in” online?

No. unfortunately, not at this time.  The best way to opt-in is by contacting us.    

Q.11 Can I "opt out" online?

Yes.  You can opt out  of Overdraft Privilege for ATM and everyday debit card transactions using this secure online "opt out" form.

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