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Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure

(CARD) Act of 2009 Details

The second phase of the Credit Card Act of 2009 became effective Monday, February 22.  Many of these changes pertain to the information shown on your VISA statement.Some of the additional information you will see on your statement is:

  • A toll free phone number (1-866-853-2227) will be provided where you may obtain information regarding Consumer Credit Counseling. You will be able to receive the name, street address, and phone number of at least three credit counseling services. These will be in the same state as the billing address on the account unless you request otherwise.

  • Warnings and messages regarding the consequences of paying only the Minimum Payment on your Credit Card account. These all assume that only minimum payments are made and no other amounts are added to the balance:

    »  If you make only the minimum payment each period you will pay more in interest and it will take you longer to pay off your balance.
    » A disclosure as to how long it will take to pay off your existing balance, and the total cost to repay the balance, if you pay only the minimum payment
    » A disclosure as to the monthly payment amount necessary to pay off the balance in 36 months and the amount of savings versus paying only the minimum payment each month.
    » If negative, or no, amortization occurs (the minimum payment is not enough to cover the monthly interest or a combination of interest and other costs such as late charges) then a warning advising you will never pay off the balance shown on the statement if you pay only the minimum payment.

  • Other changes concern the processing of payments.

    Payments received by 5pm must be given “same day credit”
    » For payments made in person, at branches, the cut-off time may be no earlier than the close of business of that branch, even if it closes after 5pm, and these payments must be credited as of the date the payment is made.
    »   If a due date falls on a holiday or weekend, when payments are not  received, or accepted by mail, the payment cannot be treated as late if it is received the next business day. The payment date must be back-dated.

  • There are also restrictions on credit card accounts for those under the age of 21. 

    »  May not establish a credit card account for an individual under the age of 21 unless it is cosigned by a person 21 years of age or older;  unless the individual under age 21 can prove they have a job and can make payments on the credit card.
    » May not increase the credit limit on the account of an individual under the age of 21, with a cosigner, unless the cosigner agrees, in writing, to assume joint liability for the increase.

  • Credit Card Agreements will be available for review as:

    » Issuers must establish and maintain a website with the written agreements for all credit card programs in effect. Follow this link for a copy of Vantage West Credit Union's current credit card agreement.
  • » Issuers must provide copies of the agreements to the Federal Reserve and provide updates on a quarterly basis if any changes or revisions.
    » The Federal Reserve will establish a website containing the consumer credit card agreements for all issuers.

  • There are also changes regarding:

    » Changes in Terms
    » Penalty Rates
    » Application of payments in excess of the minimum payment

    There are a number of other changes in this act, many of which do not apply to your account at Vantage West Credit Union, as the practices, such as “double cycle billing”, the use of “penalty rates”, and “issuance fees” for secured accounts are not in use.

    For additional information on these, and other changes, go to the Federal Reserve’s website at:  This link will take you directly to “Consumer’s Guide: Credit Cards” and " What You Need To Know: New Credit Card Rules.”

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