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  • In the Password box, enter your Home Banking Password and select the login button.

If you do not have a Home Banking Password or need assistance, please call 1-520-298-7882 or 1-800-888-7882.


Fraud & Phishing Alerts

We (like many financial institutions) have been the target of various fraudulent  “phishing" (email) , "SMiShing" (text messaging)  and "vishing" (automated voice message) scams.  We we will continue our ongoing efforts to shut down the technological sources behind these fraudulent attempts.  It is extremely important that you do not ever respond to any email, phone call, text or other communication requesting personal information.  If you ever suspect the legitimacy of the correspondence you receive from us, please contact us immediately. 

 Be assured that these emails/texts/phone calls did not originate from Vantage West, nor was our security or your information compromised by these fraudulent attempts, unless you responded to them. If you ever respond to any communications resembling these, you need to take precautions to secure your accounts.  Start by contacting us as soon as possible.


NACHA / FDIC Scam - February 2012

You may have received emails that looked to be from NACHA and/or FDIC. Both of the emails had a link that would direct you to more information.  These emails are fraudulent, they are phishing for more information.  If you would happen to follow the link it may request personal or account information.

Read the response from NACHA’s website regarding these fraudulent emails. NACHA does not send communications of any type to persons or organizations about ACH transactions.


Work-At-Home Scam, Added October 29, 2010

Information on work-from-home scams that trick unsuspecting individuals into involuntarily assisting with illegal activities is available here.

Fraud Advisory for Businesses, Added October 29, 2010

Information for cyber criminals targeting financial accounts of business owners and employees of small and medium sized businesses, resulting in losses and disruption is available here.

"Vishing Scam" - September 12, 2010

We have been made aware that on Sunday, September 12, many of our members and non-members received an automated phone call  (supposedly) from Vantage West Credit Union. The message states that your “debit card has been blocked.”  The message then asks you to input your card number and expiration date to “unfreeze” your account.  This phone call went to people that have Verizon, AT&T and Cricket cellphone carriers.

Please be assured that we do not notify members about blocked cards in this manner.  This type of “phishing” expedition is looking to obtain card information to commit fraud.   If  you or anyone you know input card information, please take the necessary steps to protect their information.

"Vishing Scam" - February 19 - 21, 2010

We have been made aware that Vantage West Credit Union is the target of another "Vishing Scam."  VISHING is the voice counterpart to "phishing."  The intention of Vishing is to gain access to private personal and financial information from the public for the purpose of financial reward.  The term is a combination of “voice” and "phising."  Vishing scams are phone-based; consumers receive an automated call or text message alerting them to a “security problem” and urging them to call their financial institution to reactivate their debit or credit card.  When the consumer calls as instructed, he/she is asked to input their debit or credit card number in order to resolve the security problem.
These fraudulent telephone calls were received the weekend  of Feb. 19 - 21, by members as well as non-members.  The calls were received on cell phones that have service thru Verizon.  Please be assured that these calls did not originate from Vantage West Credit Union.


"SMiShing" Attempt - December 7, 2009

We received notification that a fraudulent "SMiShing" attempt (text message scam), claiming to have come from Credit Union West, is being circulated.  The fraudulent text message is as follows:

"From 9099: Customer issue Credit Union West, Service frozen call 201-484-8652."  

If you receive this message, do not respond to it.  You might want to inform your cell phone carrier.


"Phishing" Attempt

A fraudulent email was sent in 2009 to members as well as nonmembers. This email requested that individuals provide their personal information.  As a reminder, Vantage West Credit Union would never request personal information in this manner.  Below are samples of these "phishing" emails. 


For additional helpful information about the crime of identity theft and other fraud, visit this educational website powered by Identity Theft 911.®


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