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  • In the Username box, enter your Vantage West account number.
  • In the Password box, enter your Home Banking Password and select the login button.

If you do not have a Home Banking Password or need assistance, please call 1-520-298-7882 or 1-800-888-7882.


Identity Theft Resolution Services

Arm yourself with ID theft & fraud resolution, education and proactive services*!

Free Services to Premium Checking Account Holders

•  Proactive / Preventative Services
•  Identity Theft / Fraud Resolution Services
•  Identity Theft Information


Free Solutions from Vantage West

•  Thieves want to steal your identity . . .
•  What to do if you suspect fraud & how to access proactive services
•  What to do if you discover fraud and it's after-hours
•  Travel Assistance Services


ID Theft Resolution Services
Members who have a Premium Checking account (and their household members**) have FREE access to ID Theft Resolution Services, provided by Identity Theft 911®.  

  • Personalized fraud & identity theft resolution assistance (including Medical Identity Theft)
  • Personalized proactive identity theft education
  • Preventative services for many of life’s changes that could leave you vulnerable
  • Travel services
  • More

>>  Don’t have a Premium Checking account?
Consider opening one (or upgrading your existing account to Premium Checking) in order to have access to our ID Theft Resolution Services.

Educational Website
All members are invited to use our educational website, powered by Identity Theft 911. The site, which is updated daily, features helpful items about the crime of identity theft and other fraud, including...

  • Preventative tips to help you avoid becoming a victim
  • News alerts regarding the latest scams
  • Monthly newsletters that provide insight into the crime of identity theft
  • Streamlined access to important internet resources

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While all members have access to our educational website, only Premium Checking account holders can take full advantage of ID Theft Resolution Services. 

Proactive / Preventative Services
Many circumstances in life can leave you vulnerable to identity theft. Before you become a victim, ID Theft Resolution Services can help you put a stop to potential fraud. They can even help you with general identity-related events.

Contact us if you...

  • Have plans to travel, plans to relocate, or if you are being called to active-military duty
  • Lose a wallet -- or it is stolen
  • Suffer a break-in at your property
  • Learn that a business, financial institution, or other type of organization you deal with has had a security breach
  • Experience a natural disaster (such as a fire or flood), and need help restoring important documents and limiting the potential risks of ID theft as a result of the disaster
  • Respond to what might have been a phishing, smishing, or vishing attempt, potentially exposing personal information to identity thieves
  • Are getting married and need help through marriage license requirements, name change assistance, or creditor notifications
  • Lose a spouse or other immediate family member and need help protecting the deceased’s credit (particularly if you have joint accounts with your spouse), need help with notifying credit issuers of the passing of your loved one, or even inquiries about potential death benefits associated with his/her accounts
  • Notice someone looking over your shoulder while you use an ATM or laptop
  • ... or, if you just have questions on other types of suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity

Identity Theft / Fraud: Resolution Services
Sometimes, no matter how vigilant you are, fraud and/or identity theft can still strike.  We are here to help. If any of these things happen to you, (even if Vantage West accounts are not involved), contact us immediately so that you can receive help.

  • Unauthorized withdrawals from an account
  • Unauthorized charges
  • You discover accounts on your credit report which are not yours
  • You receive credit card or other credit offers in the name of your minor child
  • You receive statements or collection calls for medical services you never received
  • ... or something that indicates your identity or your accounts are being used inappropriately

You don’t have to go it alone to restore your good name. Identity theft and other fraud can take months or even years to resolve. If your situation is escalated and you have become a victim of fraud or identity theft (such as discovering any of the activity listed in the above section), contact us immediately to receive resolution services.

  • Unlimited personal assistance from your dedicated fraud specialist
  • Systematic notification to credit bureaus, creditors, government agencies, including credit file alerts
  • Phone calls and help in preparation of all resolution documents
  • Assistance filing a police report and creating a Fraud Victim Affidavit, as needed
  • Comprehensive case file to aid law enforcement and claims’ handling
  • One year of FREE credit monitoring (plus, victims of true identity theft also receive one year of FREE public records monitoring)
  • Full-identity theft assistance
  • Medical-identity theft assistance
  • Assistance with child-identity theft
  • Up to a year of follow-up to make sure residual identity theft doesn’t happen again (or to catch and stop it quickly if it does)

Every situation is different, and that’s why you need help.Your personal fraud specialist does the hard work for you and guides you through the resolution process - step by step - so you can move on with your life. With years of experience dealing with law enforcement, government agencies, creditors and credit bureaus, these fraud specialists determine your best course of action, cut through the red tape and handle all the hard work for you - so you don’t have to struggle on your own.


Identity Theft Information & Education
The best defense is a great offense. While we are here to help you, learning how to avoid becoming a victim can be invaluable. All members are invited to visit our educational website, powered by IdentityTheft 911. This will help you stay up-to-date on things such as the latest scams and how to avoid them, database breach notifications, and much more. It is updated daily, so check back regularly.

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Step 1
Identity thieves will go to great lengths in the search for their next victim. They will steal mail, skim credit cards, hack ATMs, and even rummage through garbage to find information. In the blink of an eye, criminals will misuse pieces of your personal information to obtain fraudulent credit and make unauthorized purchases – in your name!

If you’re a victim, suspect that you are about to become one, or if you are experiencing a change or event that could leave you vulnerable, you need help!  To assure that you have fast access to help in case you should ever need it, your first step is to open a Premium Checking Account today!

Step 2
If you detect fraud or identity theft, act as fast as you can to get in touch with us.
(Note: Even if you are not a Premium Checking account holder, you should contact us immediately if your Vantage West accounts are involved with any fraud or identity theft).

With ID Theft Resolution Services, it does not have to be your Vantage West accounts that have been compromised – Premium Checking Account members should call us upon detecting ANY fraud or identity theft.  Contact us or visit a branch. If Vantage West accounts are - or may be - involved, we will take all actions necessary on our end to protect your Vantage West accounts.

Next, we will get you in touch with a personal fraud specialist at Identity Theft 911 who will assist you in resolving your entire situation and help protect you from further fraud or identity theft.

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What if I discover fraud after Vantage West’s regular business hours?
You can (and should!) do a few things to help protect yourself from further fraudulent activity until Vantage West business hours resume and you are able to speak with a fraud specialist to begin the resolution process. These steps include...

  • Report your lost or stolen credit/debit/ATM cards as soon as possible
       -  For Vantage West cards, call 520.751.7070 or 800.269.7070; choose Option 4
       -  For non-Vantage West cards, contact the issuing financial institution
  • Document all fraudulent activity you have already discovered, on any and all accounts. This will help your case progress more quickly and smoothly once you are in contact with your fraud specialist.
  • Learn more ways to protect yourself by visiting the educational website, powered by Identity Theft 911 (available to all members)

Take the above steps right away, and then contact Vantage West as soon as possible when regular business hours resume. We will get you in touch with a fraud specialist at Identity Theft 911.

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Travel Services

If you have plans to travel (either domestically or outside the United States), contact us before you leave.

Your fraud specialist will give you geographically-specific travel tips and education, as well as toll-free country codes and phone numbers (available for more than 30 countries worldwide). The phone numbers can be used during your trip to get you in touch with a fraud specialist directly, in case something should go wrong such as the loss or theft of passports, visas, licenses, birth certificates, social security cards, credit/debit cards or checks, and other important documents.

Should any of these things happen to you, Identity Theft 911 will work with governmental agencies and others to help assure your safe return. They will also work with credit bureaus and other agencies to clear up residual problems that could result following a loss of identification. Should any restoration services be needed due to fraud or identity theft, they are there to help you with that, too.

Remember, when traveling...

  • Take a few copies of the toll-free country codes and phone numbers with you, and separate them - keep one in your luggage, one in your wallet, one in your hotel room, etc. You don’t want to have your wallet stolen – and not be able to have access to help!
  • Protect & prepare yourself against fraud while you are traveling, by reviewing this list of travel tips

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* ID Theft Resolution Services are provided by Identity Theft 911®, and do not reimburse for any financial losses. This is not an insurance product. The scope of the ID Theft Resolution Services consists of proactive/preventative services, educational information, and fraud/identity theft resolution.

** Services are only available, at no charge, to Vantage West Premium Checking Account (PCA)-holders, and anyone living in the PCA-holder’s immediate household including children of the PCA-holder through age 23 who are away at college as full-time students. All those who qualify for these services as described here are referred to as “Premium Checking Account-holders” on this web page.




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